Overwhelm at The Plethora

As Christmas is fast approaching and before I know it, it will be the New Year with its new journey of Homeschooling, I have begun to reach out to others so that I can perhaps join a group of other Homeschoolers.

I thought it would be easy. But little did I know…

I asked the simple question in a Facebook Group if there were Homeschooling parents that met in my area. The answers were varied but essentially all agreed that I needed to search for these groups myself. One lady was kind enough to actually post the link for some directory that exists, which allowed me to trawl through many Facebook Groups.

WOW. How many of these groups have to exist ?!?!

I was overwhelmed at first, but trudged on through reading descriptions and Closing any Groups that did not appeal or were not relevant to me. As I have been added to each of the Groups I requested membership to, I have noticed that it is still virtually up to me to reach out.

I began to wonder why there was no official body or association that could create and manage these Groups and why is it all so unofficial? There was a plethora of different Groups! They ranged from activity-based groups to area-based groups to homeschooling-style groups. Some where Christian, some were Pagan, some were Muslim. Some were HEU-based (Home Education Unit) and some were Natural-learning based. Some were for parents who are Homeschooling children with disabilities, and some were for parents Homeschooling children who are completing high school. 

As I thought about this vast array of people, I realised that Homeschooling is definitely not one shape fits all. It is no wonder that it can be so ‘unofficial’ and so overwhelming.

I have a few friends from childhood that already homeschool their children, including two best friends. So you could say that I don’t desperately need to seek out new people. But I know that we all homeschool for different reasons, and via different means, and have children of different ages. Relying on these friends for regular get-togethers is not what I want to do. In fact, it will be near impossible.

So I would hate to be a parent who is entirely new to the Homeschooling concept. It could be pretty scary!

Thankfully, along these searching travels, I met a lady called Sarah who was willing to impart lots of information about a most wonderful group that gets together to provide a vast range of topics to children of all ages on a regular basis. It is held on the other side of town by for something like what the group offers, I myself am willing to travel.

As I also scrolled through all the new Facebook Groups I was added to, I became excited about everything that is available for Homeschooling children these days: nature walks, science workshops, French & Spanish classes, safety workshops, camps! 


I am really looking forward to next year. I can’t wait to start our new journey. As neither can Leah to be honest! She was asking me this morning if we could start soon. I told her that we virtually could start now if she wanted.

(Never mind that she basically already has, what with school holidays and so far we’ve had discoveries in the garden, playing with a calculator exploring addition and division, wearing an educative-toy wrist-watch where she could move the hands to suit as she watched the time move on the wall clock throughout the entire afternoon, playing with rhyming and alternate twists on song lyrics, making a huge jug of iced tea all by herself, dressing up like an Egyptian with cardboard bangles on wrists and ankles, self-made science experiments, and baking with daddy!)

But then I said no – we should really just enjoy “doing nothing” for awhile. There’s my birthday to come, her closest cousin’s birthday to come, Christmas and New Years to come. After that, I said, we will begin.

She just can’t wait 🙂






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