Thoughts Prior to First Day!

girl-doing-homework-350pxI am very excited as today is the the First Day of Homeschooling!

I am forming my own curriculum this year because I’m a little bit adventurous like that (or maybe I’m just OCD – I’ll let you choose that one! Ha!)

I have big plans although I am a realist and I realise that we may not get through all of the plans.

Today we will have:-

  • Outside Time (including gardening & exercise – jumping on the trampoline – nice and easy to kickstart the year)
  • Bible Time – We are currently reading through The Plagues
  • Reading & Writing
  • Maths – A simple activity sheet regarding shape – focussing on circles, includes colouring-in (a really good easy one to kick the year off with). I will talk about the circles in relation to bubbles.
  • Science  – We will learn about what forms a BUBBLE! We will blow bubbles, and then create soapy water and wash down the dogbed and/or the car
  • History – Leah has an interest in Egypt and we will start going through an educational kids book that we have on Egypt today (and it will be perfect to align with the Bible story of The Plagues, which occurred in Egypt)

Afterwards, we will go to Leah’s previous school (Montessori) where she will get to have some after-school free play with her best friend Marnie.

Then we head off for Leah’s first Gymnastics class!

I am hoping she will crawl into bed and crash.



pen-and-coffeeOther thoughts I have had include the fact that I really think Homeschooling will be the best thing for our little family all-round. I can see many benefits to being at home with the child. I feel like she will have a much more rounded life.

I was talking to a friend from church this past weekend, Jocelyn, and she revealed to me that she was homeschooled all her life. Jocelyn is the most accomplished young woman I have ever met and deeply and highly (secretly) admire her – a lot. Not only is she extremely pretty but she is very, very clever. She is a deeply humble woman who loves the Lord so much. She is kind and can carry a conversation with anybody, age is completely irrelevant to her. She has a great sense of fashion. She has wonderful musical abilities – I love the way she plays the piano and she has the most beautiful soprano voice I have ever heard. And she is an Accountant.

To have discovered that she was Homeschooled her entire life has given me hope that everything will be alright.

I don’t worry too much but I do worry sometimes that I might be setting my child back in some way. At other times I am confident, knowing that in fact it will be the opposite.

I also have a grand plan of how Homeschooling will be executed in my home. I have a Sample Week I’ve created that I am working from at the moment, but I know that this will be shaped as moulded as we go along.

I have also read that the grand plan is changed completely by the end of the first year of Homeschooling. I’ve also read that the grand plan has to change with the child’s learning and growing needs anyway.

I like to think that I have an open mind to this.

Jocelyn told me that her mother had an approach to give her girls “a wholistic life” rather than “controlling the child’s environment.” Jocelyn said that, from her perspective, many parents – especially conservative Christian parents – choose Homeschooling as a way to manage and monitor and control their child’s environment. Jocelyn’s personal belief is that this can fail the child and they end up growing into an awkward adult.

I think that she has a point.

I am glad she told me that because I have indeed come into this with a desire to provide Leah with a more wholistic life.

Now, let me go and wake the child and let’s do this!


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